Automatic Doors

Automatic sliding toughened glass doors. When safety counts - A fail safe system is actuated once the safety sensors are breached. Our installation engineers are fully trained to ensure compliance with BS7036: Code of Practice for Safety at Powered Doors for Pedestrian Use.

Fully automatic double swing doors within a bespoke stainless steel and armour plate entrance screen. The doors are actuated by microwave radars. The doors are fitted with infra-red sensors to ensure pedestrian safety.

Grade 2 listed doors converted to power assist in accordance with the DDA Act of 2004. It was important to ensure that the doors are legally compliant whilst retaining their natural aesthetics.

MBE Glazing Systems Ltd carry out 24/7 repairs, we offer service and preventative maintenance contracts on any make of automatic doors and roller shutters, call 01422 311889 or email